Friday, July 11, 2014

nursing is going goodbye

I just nursed my sweet girl to sleep for what is likely the last time. Nighttime nursies have been few and far between and we'll be apart for five days next week while she spends some time out on the farm. 
My sweet bold confident girl, I am so thankful to be your Mommy. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the mission team, or why you should look a gift horse in the mouth

A few months back, I was told we had the opportunity to have a mission team come work on our house for a week. After much hemming and hawing and discussion and planning and figuring and collection, they have started their work today. They are supposed to be here 3 days this week and the project is the garage roof.
We have about 5 weeks til move in and still a mountain of work. Kevin wanted them to help with the inside of the house to help us meet our deadline but we were told it was a roofing crew and the only thing they could do was roofs. He went over to meet them this morning and our roofing crew is 2 guys who seem to know what they are doing and...8 high school girls. 8 high school girls who have been putting in roofs for "years".
Sigh, Kevin is slightly frustrated.
The weather today has not been the greatest for roofing. 2 short torrential downpours. And guess what? They are now helping with paint prep. They should not discount them because they are young. Their skills do stretch beyond roofing.
I am grateful to these young ladies who have sacrificed a small portion of their summer to help a stranger.
Now I have to pick a paint a hurry. But I have to do it carefully because I will likely be looking at it for the next 10 years.
What do you think of this?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

abc windows and more

26 windows were replaced at the beginning of April. 
26 times the cost of one custom made pop in replacement double hung window is...a lot. 

Overall ABC Windows and More gets high marks. It's not their fault it's difficult to caulk neatly between vinyl and brick. However, the mystery of the window weights lingers. Those sell easily for $10 a piece and supposedly ours were cut off and sealed into the walls. 

Hmmmm, 26 windows times 2 times 10 is...a lot.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

roof weekend

Exposed rafters
Tom wields the shop vac

New wood over the mud room

Kevin briefly considers a skylight

Dumpster: no household items permitted

Littles plus Bosco driving over to check out the progress

More new wood going up

Uncle Dick and Lukey Dukey were a huge help.

Container filling up.

So thrilled with the color choice!

God has blessed us with some amazing men in our life. These guys basically gave up their entire Father's Day weekend to help put a roof on our house. We are deeply grateful.

Friday, June 13, 2014

roof prep

Arrange delivery of 20 ft pallet full of roofing materials. Check.

Order materials needed for adding a ball to the hitch mount on the Outlook so we can pull a trailer with lumber and a very large tool. Complete in-store pickup at 9:30 pm with tired 2 year old in tow. Check.

Delegate lumber list to knowledgeable male who is capable of choosing straight boards with few knots. Check. 

Research dumpster prices, find a great deal, pay for and schedule drop of 30 yard roll off. Check.

Locate a 12 foot utility trailer to rent for 3 days, drive to Brookpark, debate adding insurance, add insurance, drive home with trailer. Check.

Reserve a very large tool called a siding break. Delegate getting this picked up. Check.

Clean coolers, purchase water and ice. Plan how to keep workers in food and drink. Check.

Oh, also (in the very same week) provide high quality childcare to all your clients, live through your parents relocation to your own front room for a two month duration, and help your daughter plan her wedding. Check. Check. Check.

Yes, it's been a busy week. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Today the garbage men refused our refuse.

Call the whaaaaaambulance!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

work day number one

Work day session one was held last Saturday. We are so thankful to everyone who came out to help.

First thing in the morning the kitchen ceiling came down as Kevin waited for Cameron to arrive with his pickup truck. They made two trips to the scrapyard. The three large cast iron radiators, the boiler, the water heater, range hood, and some miscellaneous steel are all gone.
Sweeping up kitchen ceiling debris
Not really Cam but as usual, I missed a photo op

You know your friends really love you when they spend their Saturdays scraping loose paint off your basement walls. These ladies went home with a little something extra in their bras at the end of the day and they left my heart full. 

Baseboard heater with years of misc. small crap in it

The remaining baseboard heaters were disconnected. The above heater was the type found in the rear addition. These are newer and made of copper with aluminum fins. These were easy to remove once you used the copper cutter to slice into the pipe near the floor.

This heater is completely made of cast iron. I didn't realize it would be so heavy until it fell onto my good knee with a BAM once I separated the pipe. Some screaming entailed but no one came to the rescue. Kevin has made a new friend in Mark who runs the scrapyard. Friend may be the wrong word because even though Mark wanted to make sure Emma's fiancé was employed, he did threaten to sic the dog on him if he returned to close to closing. So the baseboard heaters lie in wait.

Keeping the tub
Our nephew Abe came and made quick work of the bathroom. He and his two boys pulled up two floors and pulled down at least 3 levels of tub surround to reveal this beautiful window. 

The grapevines were cut off the gutters, fence and electric wires. A trench was dug to bury conduit for the garage electricity. Trees were identified(thank you Sharon) and pruned. 4 large brown bags of yard waste were collected. Bricks were pulled out of landscaping. A vinyl floor was ripped out if the first floor bedroom. A mailbox was repaired. 

Our roofing materials have been paid for at Willoughby Supply so once the weather clears our main roof should be replaced. We also signed a contract for 26 new windows which should be installed in May.

Still much to do...