Saturday, May 2, 2015

goodbye fountain

So we inherited a ginormous concrete fountain in the center of our front yard. We could have made it work but winter of 2014 was a bit too much for it and the largest bowl cracked into about 5 pieces. It's been sitting in the middle of the yard that way for over a year. Today I made up my mind to change that.
I decided the best course of action would be to smash it into bits and put the bits into boxes. The woman with the spout was still in one piece but I couldn't lift her so I tipped her on her side and began rolling her very gracefully to the curb.
"Whoa, where do you want that?" I turned to see a large man approaching from the halfway house next door. He picked her up and set her on the curb for me and introduced himself to me as "Johnny" all in one motion. Then I pointed to the largest part of the bowl and jokingly said, "That one too."
He said to give him a minute and he would help me out. I figured it would take the entire afternoon. He showed up a minute later with a cold drink and a sledgehammer. In the time it took me to step inside to tend to a daycare kid that just got up from nap, he had the entire thing stacked neatly on the curb in liftable sized peices.

Me: "Oh my gosh!"
Johnny: "That's how I roll."

Very good to meet you Johnny.

Monday, April 13, 2015

sitting here

Wondering things like what is the best course of action when 6 inches of the zip-it breaks off deep in the drain? And how to quiet the instant water heater so my neighbor can sleep? And what exactly is the odd smell in the air in the addition?

I won't fix any of those things today but I do think we will start being nicer to our garbage man. He collected a bunch of stuff from us today while 3 adorable preschoolers sat a mere 10 yards away from him watching awestruck. He did not even crack a smile. 

Do you think he is a Coke or a Pepsi guy?

Update: The best course of action is NOT to break your zip-it. I closed up the drain and will wait to deal with this one when it's clogged.
The instant water heater was a quick fix over the phone with the manufacturer. Something to do with combustion rate. 
Smell is still unidentified. It may be a "house" smell.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

that was a close one

The electricians were back yesterday to fix the second floor electric. I guess the ceiling fans, tvs, xbox, playstation, clock, and charging stations were too much.
So after four hours of work for two guys and a RE-opened kitchen ceiling, we now have 3 breakers in place of one.
And THAT is exactly why you hire a qualified electrician to do all your wiring. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

a safe place

Things we put in a safe place so we would be sure not to lose them in the move but have turned up lost nonetheless:

1. Kevin's bag of shaving cream, razor, toothbrush, and paste. So he would be acceptable for church the next morning. Yeah....LOST.

2. Fitbit charger. Because I knew it was little but important and I would need it soon. LOST. (Ironically found in the box with the medicine cabinet items one day AFTER the new one arrived.)

3. Kevin's wristwatch. This turned up two days later in the washing machine. His safe place was the front pocket of his hoodie. Too bad his toiletries didn't fit there.

4. Essential oils in a large wooden box. No excuse.

To be continued...

Monday, March 9, 2015

how to buy a table saw

1. Use the Home Depot app to bring up what is available because the only money you have left is a line of credit there.
2. Take a look at the reviews to make sure it has at least three stars.
3. Cute colors like a neon green are a plus. Under 50 lbs is good too because you have to lift it.
4. Remember you're not good enough at home improvement yet to purchase anything that says Dewalt.
5. Seeing "large on off switch for accessibility and visibility" is a great comment to read in the product description. Very helpful to be able to see this when you are distracted by a lot of blood.
6. So filter what's left by lowest price first then select. 
Easy peasy.

Friday, February 20, 2015

the 15th birthday cake that wasn't

My sister and her ex-husband have usually tried to remain civil and share the birthday celebrations for their two children since their divorce. Well, my stunning and super smart niece Diana turned 15 on Wednesday. Her father was in charge of the cake.

He showed up at 8pm. With....a half eaten dutch apple pie.

And he saw absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just like the time he was put in charge of bringing the deep fried turkey to Thanksgiving. It arrived, minus a leg.

Happy Birthday Diana! Emma will be the first to tell you fondant is for the birds, but you deserve a cake just as special and unique as YOU! Here you go:

Saturday, February 14, 2015

sister power: painting the back room

"Come paint the back room," I said to my sister. She wanted the plan. "We'll paint from 8am-noon," I said. "Sister power. We'll knock it out." I convinced her.

8am this morning came and I was still in bed. She had gotten her tax return yesterday and paid off her car. She had taken me to celebrate at the Winking Lizard. What did she expect? I'm over 40. She knows this so she woke me up with a phone call.

Two hours and one Home Depot trip later, I met her at the house. She put together the floor steamer while I prepped the back room. We debated whether the room had been primed. She convinced me it was. Two thirds a can of paint later she would change her mind.

The first coat was finished about 12:30pm so we took a break. There is only one moldy loaf of bread at the house so my niece chose Panera for lunch. She was very hungry from lounging on the loveseat watching The Office on DVD. We swung by the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on the way so I could check for a bathroom sink and a kitchen counter top. I struck out on both but they accepted my flush mount brass chandelier donation with a smile.

After lunch, we collected Caroline at Pizza Hut so Kevin could do his annual V-day shift. Back at the house we divided and conquered with Diana playing with Caroline, Dawn beginning the second coat and me steaming the wood floors in the foyer, living room, and sun room. I joined her after I finished up and by 4:30pm we were done.

We left my ALL WHEEL DRIVE vehicle in the driveway and headed home through a snowstorm. Her Chevy Aveo handles like a joke so she got to pay me back for all the times she's white knuckled it in the death seat of my car. She even did me a huge solid by picking up Jake and his friend on the way home. A quick stop at our neighborhood Subway and then Drug Mart completed the day. She dropped us off and headed home for a hot bath.

I'm glad we are almost done painting because I fear the next time I may be on my own.