Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dinner With Dad - Is It True?

For some reason this school year, even now that soccer practice is over, we've gotten out of the habit of having dinner together. Victoria and I discussed this and are making a conscious effort to sit down together as a family several nights each week.

I recently finished reading the book Dinner With Dad, by Cameron Stracher. Cameron made a commitment to not only have dinner at home, but also to cook the meal about half the time. One idea I stole from him is the conversational tool, "Is It True?"

In this game, each person says 2 things that happened to them that day, one true and one false, and everybody else at the table has to guess which one is true. My 2 things today were:

"I ran with a new friend, Mike, who lives in North Ridgeville." or "I helped my boss buy 3 dozen donuts for our department to celebrate his 50th birthday tomorrow." We had 2 guesses for each, but the 2nd one was true ... I did run at lunch with a new guy named Mike who grew up in North Ridgeville but now lives in Lakewood.