Monday, April 13, 2015

sitting here

Wondering things like what is the best course of action when 6 inches of the zip-it breaks off deep in the drain? And how to quiet the instant water heater so my neighbor can sleep? And what exactly is the odd smell in the air in the addition?

I won't fix any of those things today but I do think we will start being nicer to our garbage man. He collected a bunch of stuff from us today while 3 adorable preschoolers sat a mere 10 yards away from him watching awestruck. He did not even crack a smile. 

Do you think he is a Coke or a Pepsi guy?

Update: The best course of action is NOT to break your zip-it. I closed up the drain and will wait to deal with this one when it's clogged.
The instant water heater was a quick fix over the phone with the manufacturer. Something to do with combustion rate. 
Smell is still unidentified. It may be a "house" smell.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

that was a close one

The electricians were back yesterday to fix the second floor electric. I guess the ceiling fans, tvs, xbox, playstation, clock, and charging stations were too much.
So after four hours of work for two guys and a RE-opened kitchen ceiling, we now have 3 breakers in place of one.
And THAT is exactly why you hire a qualified electrician to do all your wiring.