Monday, May 25, 2009

Money Matters - Consumerism

This week's topic in our church class on money was titled Consumerism. The leader had some simple instructions, starting with:

Spend Less Than You Make - step one to any successful money management plan

It Is Hard - especially if you have developed bad habits

No One Will Do It For You - this is a decision and exercise that we each must do for ourselves

Pay Attention -
  • Read something regularly (book, magazine)
  • List assets & liabilities
  • Find net worth (assets minus liabilities)
  • Track your spending
  • Prepare a budget
List Your Life Goals

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Laid Off - Now What?

No I'm not laid off, I still have both my day job and my 2nd job. But we are doding a "Money Matters" 6-week class at church and that was the title of last week's lesson. Here are the suggested steps.

1) Pray
2) Protect your family
3) Assess your situation
3a) Assets & liabilities
3b) Cashflow
4) Stop spending
4a) Quit Charging
5) Network
6) Explore all opportunities
7) Everybody over 12 contributes
8) Sell stuff
9) Avoid internet scams
10) Don't Wait

Hopefully I'll have time to expand on these but right now I need to read Matthew 6 to prepare for tomorrow's class.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where has Sassy Beskey gone?

A couple of weeks ago George "named" his stuffed monkey. He told me he was Sassy Beskey. We had great fun over the next few days with this name. It is very much fun to say.

"Sassy Beskey, Eat your lunch!" "Does Sassy Beskey want a nap?" "Read a story to Sassy Beskey."

Well, yesterday George told me Sassy was gone. The monkey is now called Airplane Po. Not nearly as spectacular but it will do.