Saturday, July 30, 2011

Memorable Quote

"I play house in the night and all my animals are bad but dragon.  I spank them.  Except for pig.  I give pig a pinch because he's too fat to spank."

Jacob William March 1, 2005

(I came across this quote on a loose piece of paper in the junk drawer.  From a boy of few words.  I felt it needed a place of more permanence.  I love his sense of humor and huge imagination.  He will make an awesome video game designer if that's what he still wants to do when he grows up.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

what's in YOUR spf?

For the most part I didn't use any sunscreen last summer because I end up with an intense blistering reaction about 24 hours after applying it.  The big floppy hat/long sleeved white cotton shirt combo was working just fine.

But then I happened upon the sunscreen guide published by the Environmental Working Group.  EWG describes this guide as an "in-depth analysis of the safety and effectiveness of more than 700 name-brand sunscreens. The new database lists products that offer the best combination of safety and effectiveness: they are formulated with the safest chemicals, are most effective at protecting against sunburn, and help prevent long-term damage caused by the sun’s UVA rays, which are linked to skin aging, wrinkling and, potentially, cancer."

Lots of urging from my yoga teacher friend Jen convinced me I needed to give it one last shot of finding a brand that would work. I selected two that were awarded a "one" from EWG's list that were not astronomically expensive and were somewhat readily available: Aveeno Baby Natural Protection Mineral Block and Badger Baby Sunscreen.

I picked up the Aveeno Baby at Drug Mart on a BOGO 1/2 off sale. About $15 for two. It went on easy enough, didn't discolor any clothing or take the logo off my water bottle, and best of all....NO REACTION. I am one happy camper.  (p.s. they make it in a face stick too!)

A few days later the Bager Baby arrived from Amazon. About $14 a tube. If you can get past the terrible smell, is extremely thick and hard to apply. The active ingredient is 18.75% zinc oxide. Hmmmm, now wonder it reminded me of Desitin. At least it didn't give me a reaction. I will keep it on hand for a backup. Maybe the kids won't want to ride in my car if I use it. ;)