Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hello Again

Well I have been neglecting this blog on purpose. We were back in court over the custody issue and I didn't want to post anything here that might be somehow used against me. For more details, see my other blog.

Meanwhile, we had a busy weekend last weekend, the final one before school starts. Friday night was uniform night at the soccer fields, so Victoria was on duty to distribute uniforms to new players. Meanwhile, Kevin drove to LaGrange to pick up the new "alternate jerseys" for when we play other blue teams.

While in LaGrange, Kevin noticed that the overly-worn tire on the Taurus had finally gone flat, so he quickly put on the spare. George helped. Or at least, he waited patiently.

Saturday morning we had 2+ soccer games. Luke, Brooke and Nathan played in their co-ed game and lost 9-3. Immediately after, Brooke played (mostly goalkeeper) in her girls game and lost 5-1.  Luke and Nathan then substituted on a U13 team that is shorthanded and they won 8-2! Jacob skipped his 1PM game so that we could leave for "the cottage."

"The Cottage" is at Catawba Island where Nanny & Poppy now stay during the summer, when they come up from Florida. Victoria likes to meet some friends from college there for a weekend each summer, and this was the weekend.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the beach, then had a cookout, visited, and played games. Victoria learned (again) to play euchre. The kids watched the Cat in the Hat.

Sunday morning we went to the beach again, before having lunch, and then leaving just in time to get back for Luke and Nathan's 3rd soccer game of the weekend, this one a thrilling 5-4 loss.

Next weekend looks to be almost as busy, even without soccer!