Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Last night Rachel came by for about an hour while her mother was training at the hospital. We were under instructions not to feed her dinner. So we just had cake and ice cream. She also got to open her presents. A light up High School Musical Shirt and Squakers McCaw.

Squawkers has got to be the best birthday gift ever. I snagged him at Target at a Black Friday sale. He is regularly about $50 and I got him for only $25. You can teach Squawkers words and phrases. He is a very polite bird too and excuses himself each and every time he passes gas. The directions warn to be very responsible about teaching Squawkers new words. I am devious and already taught him..."Clean up this room!" and "Pick up your laundry!"

It will be interesting to watch what the kids do with him.

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