Tuesday, June 7, 2011

now that's scary?!?

orphan red potato with a few eyes
Children's responses to finding this in the snack cabinet:

"The no. 1 nastiest thing I've seen in my entire life."
"I won't sleep knowing that thing is in my house."
"Throw it over the hill."
"Take it to the curb."
"I knifed it."
"Now I will have a nightmare."

All this nonsense over a vegetable from teenagers who can watch horror movies and laugh about it.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Em with Nan and Pop.

Last Friday Emma received an Honors Diploma from Midview High School. I didn't cry but her aunt did. I was doubly glad I had snuck her in without a ticket. Blended families should get double the tickets. ;)

Under her gown she wore a beautiful white cotton dress from ICE. It was a lined and had an embroidered eyelet pattern. We picked it out together about a week ago and then shared Chipotle to celebrate. The dress fit her personality perfectly and matched her white leather peace sign thong sandals.

It looks way nicer on Em.  I'll fix this later.

Now to get ready for the party.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

that went fast

I can't believe George's year in preschool is done.

Yesterday we celebrated at the school with a family picnic.  There were about 500 hot dogs on the buffet alongside various trays of fruit, pasta salads, chips, popcorn, and desserts.  Miss Tori made a slide show with the highlights of the past year in the Yellow Room.  She is excited for her summer break but you could tell she's become attached to her students.

Today was the big zoo field trip.  Each student needed at least one adult chaperone.  We met up in the ticketing area at 9:30am and entered the zoo as a group.  George quickly hooked up with his favorite playmates Zion and Evan.  We all saw the brand new multimillion dollar elephant enclosure.  The elephants were inside the building though. 

After the elephants we hopped the tram and rode up to the sharks (and the rest of the primates and aquatic life but the only thing the boys wanted to see was the sharks.)   We were all more than ready to meet up with the rest of the group for lunch when we were done with the sharks.  All the boys opted for McDonald's. 

We had enough time after lunch to see the rhinos, monkey island, the giraffes, the butterfly garden, all the bears and a few other miscellaneous animals.  I have to say my favorite part was the naked mole rat exhibit in the elephant building.  George claims he doesn't remember enough to pick a favorite.