Saturday, May 2, 2015

goodbye fountain

So we inherited a ginormous concrete fountain in the center of our front yard. We could have made it work but winter of 2014 was a bit too much for it and the largest bowl cracked into about 5 pieces. It's been sitting in the middle of the yard that way for over a year. Today I made up my mind to change that.
I decided the best course of action would be to smash it into bits and put the bits into boxes. The woman with the spout was still in one piece but I couldn't lift her so I tipped her on her side and began rolling her very gracefully to the curb.
"Whoa, where do you want that?" I turned to see a large man approaching from the halfway house next door. He picked her up and set her on the curb for me and introduced himself to me as "Johnny" all in one motion. Then I pointed to the largest part of the bowl and jokingly said, "That one too."
He said to give him a minute and he would help me out. I figured it would take the entire afternoon. He showed up a minute later with a cold drink and a sledgehammer. In the time it took me to step inside to tend to a daycare kid that just got up from nap, he had the entire thing stacked neatly on the curb in liftable sized peices.

Me: "Oh my gosh!"
Johnny: "That's how I roll."

Very good to meet you Johnny.