Friday, November 25, 2011

brooke does black friday take one

13 year old Brooke has watched me "do" Black Friday almost every November.  This year she thought she would give it a go.  I would have loved to have initiated her but being almost 33 weeks into a pregnancy my body is way too old for, I had already decided to sit this one out.  So Kevin took her. But from the story he told after falling into bed at 3am early this morning, she could still use some schooling.
Last weekend we worked the church nursery together and I had asked her if she had a plan.  What doorbusters did she want?  What stores did she want to shop at?  I downloaded an app that had all the sales.  She could search by store or category.  She seemed bored after just a few minutes of paging through it. 
So Thanksgiving Day came and there was still no plan.  We picked up a friend of hers around 6pm that was tagging along.  When pressed by dear hubby for a plan, the girls said they would like to go to the mall and it was opening at midnight.  The van left about 11:30 with...SURPRISE...Luke in tow. 
Kevin and Luke walked the entire mall at least twice.  In that time Brooke succeeded in getting in line at Wet Seal to purchase a dress that she had not tried on and it was NOT on sale.  That turned out to be the extent of her Black Friday purchases.  As I type this, Kevin is back at the mall with her to return it because it is see through and on second thought maybe not even a dress after all.

*Update. Turns out, purchases from Wet Seal are non-refundable. You may return for store credit only. I think she may have cried. Next year will be better. I will start resting up NOW!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

see george grow

It's been a long time since I've posted.  Right now we're in the middle of shaking up the room assignments on the second floor.  In order for Nathan to repaint the big room, I had to take down the foam penguin growth chart I bought for George last time we were in Atlantic City.

I'm know my faults.  And one is that I am horrible when it comes to documenting.  Baby books, scrapbooks, growth charts...sit around and mock all my good intentions.

So this foam penquin only ended up with two total marks.  It left more marks on the drywall when I ripped it off.

And now, what you've been waiting for:

George 9-11-2010   44 3/4 inches tall
George 4-21-2011   47 1/2 inches tall