Friday, May 16, 2008

AAA - Help on the Road and Beyond

But only 4 times a year!

We have been members of the AAA auto club for 4 years now. Wednesday night my dear husband locked his ONLY set of keys, wallet, and cell phone in his car when he stepped out to referee a soccer game. One of the coaches was kind enough to let him borrow a cell phone to call me for help.

I called the police first but they don't give that type of assistance in our city, so I called AAA. They have always come to my rescue so I was appalled to hear the woman on the phone offer to give me numbers to local garages who would COME AND TOW MY CAR for locksmith service. She then informed me that I would be totally responsible for all the fees as I had used up all of my service calls for the year already.

I was almost at a loss for words as I politely asked for information on purchasing a better plan that would cover all of our emergency automotive needs. The representative transferred me to member services where I was happily informed that we get 4 service calls EACH. So all Kevin needed to do was to call himself and they would assist him for free.

After dropping off the older kids at church, I stopped off at the field with my cell phone and AAA card. The tow truck came shortly after Kevin called and the driver successfully got into his car. He motored off to his soccer meeting in Oberlin none the worse for wear.

Only disappointment was that due to his delay, we missed out on the Quiznos Prime Rib Subs he usually picks up for us on these monthly meeting nights.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day...

is way too short lived, especially for a stepmother. I vote for Mother's Week!

As short lived as it was, it was a very nice day this year. After church I was pleasantly surprised by a gift from my oldest stepdaughter. It was a pen topped with a carnation flower and covered with floral tape. The pen was "planted" in a spongy foam base that was covered with white sand and shells. She only made one in Sunday school so I was touched that even though I'm "NOT HER MOTHER", she chose to gift it to me.

Her REAL mother gave her $20 to buy a Mother's Day gift for her. Kevin took her, along with her younger sister, over to our backyard Walmart where they chose a candle set.

From my husband, I got a labeler that I've wanted for a long time. I've only labeled the pantry so far but I have big plans for it.

After a lunch out at Ponderosa, Kevin and I escorted our two eldest boys to two separate soccer games that were about a 1.5 hour distance apart.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our Van

Took delivery today of our "new" Mercury Villager from Sports Luxury Motors in North Ridgeville. The owner, Justin J. (Jay) is a stand up guy and I confidently refer all of you in the used car market to see what he has to offer. He has been in the used car business over 20 years. Sports Luxury Motors also offers a full service repair shop for all your automobile needs.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ode to the Man with the Perfect Lawn

Every neighborhood has at least one. It's the Man with the Perfect Lawn. He doesn't need to post "Keep Off the Grass" signs. Everyone just knows it. The Slave to his Grass, spending hours and hours each weekend to make sure there is not one stray weed or bare spot. Sending fear and trembling into the hearts of little children whose bike tire or ball dares to pass into his property line.

That is how we will remember you. "He had nice grass." How sad.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I "Buttered Up" the Kitchen

HOORAY!! Our kitchen has a nice new look. The Sherwin Williams Duration paint performed perfectly as usual. Only 1/2 gallon painted the whole kitchen after priming. Here are the pictures.

Crib for sale

Own your very own Family of Nine collectible memorabilia. Now that George is sleeping peacefully in his big boy bed, we are offering his crib and changing table for sale. For only $80 you can take home the crib, mattress, cream colored crib bumper, changing table and pad. Local pickup only. Crib is light oak Jenny Lind style by Cosco. Manufactured in 2000. Instruction booklet and hardware support no longer available from the company.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Garage Sale Wrap-Up

We had a great day on Thursday. We had 37 buyers, took in $173.20, well over half of which was ours. We did sell a riding toy for a friend for $25. Our biggest sales were a used toddler bed for $10 and a stack of pokemon cards for $8. My sister Chris sold about $16.75 worth of stuff so at least it paid for her gas to bring it up.

The most surprising customer was a redneck family who bought several blankets, a kid sleeping bag, a play tent and a doll head (for doing hair / makeup) for a total of $18.

Friday was rainy. We only had 8 buyers and collected only $22.75 for the entire day.

Saturday was rainy again and even worse. We only had 3 buyers. One bought 2 halloween costumes for $6. Another bought some clothes for $4. And one came to pick up a toybox we listed on craigslist for $25.

Grand total for the weekend was $230.95, $165 for us and the rest for a few friends.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Big Boy Bed

I'm finally ready to admit that George is ready to be out of the crib. He hasn't really complained much but at 26 months, I'm letting him move on.

His first night was great. He didn't get out like I had feared. And in the morning he called out rather than start wandering the house unsupervised.

He even took a nap great in it. Layed right down with Rainbow Bear and fell sound asleep.