Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things I've put through the machine: Part II

I must amend this post.

I have now additionally washed a wooden spoon and a bottle of prescription medicine.

This is a problem in large blended families because:

1. You have LOTS of laundry to do
2. You have children constantly packing to go back and forth.
3. You have less time to check pockets and piles for items that actually don't need washing (like PS3 controllers and hair ties).


Denise said...

I actually find that I like washing the hair ties because it tightens them back up and also cleans the white ones up a bit, so I am actually please when I find one that has been washed. Other things not so much.

carol said...

You know you'd think after we wash their important stuff a couple of times the kids would learn to check their own pockets.