Monday, June 30, 2008

Leaving George

I am in a huge quandary.

Every August, Kevin has a conference in Atlantic City. For the past 3 years, I have tagged along. It's a lot of fun and VERY nice to have some time away.

This year I am very reluctant to leave our 2 year old home. He came along when he was newborn. And then last year, my oldest came along with him to "babysit". He was only 17 months at that time. This year he is much more active and mobile. He will be very unhappy with a 10 hour car ride back and forth, not to mention being cooped up in the hotel all week. Atlantic City is not designed for kids.

Is he going to be scarred by 5 days away from home with relatives and no mom or dad in sight? Is it better for me to stay home and let Kevin go alone? I'm just not sure what's best for George.

BUSY there any other kind??

I've been very busy with my home day care business.

I am in the process of county certification. I started in May with a 30 hour week training session. Then I took CPR and USDA Child and Adult Food Program training. Next to come is First Aid.

Our health and fire inspections have been passed. I have one more home visit from the agency assisting me before my paperwork is sent to the county. After they receive it, they will call and set up a visit to actually "certify" me.

Kevin is recovering nicely from hernia surgery. He can't work his second job again for a while so in the meantime I am waitressing at Pizza Hut to help out. You can read about that HERE.