Monday, January 29, 2007

Birthday Dinners

One of the traditions we have in our family is that around their birthday, each child gets to choose a restaurant and we go out to eat as a family.

Now, our birthdays are kind of clumped together. We have 3 December birthdays and one at the beginning of January, followed by 2 in March, 1 in April, and 2 in May. This (and our busy schedules) causes some of the dinners to be slightly delayed.

We are currently working on the final December birthday. Jacob wants to go to the Golden Corral. We are just getting around to this because between holiday schedules and holiday spending, we just haven't had time or money up until now.

We were considering going this weekend on Saturday, after basketball and before indoor soccer but then Emma was away at the junior high wrestling meet. We couldn't go on Sunday because Luke, Brooke, & Rachel had gone back to their mom's by that time.

Hopefully we can get this scheduled this weekend, we have to get one more winter birthday completed before the spring birthdays start in March.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

First Post

Hello. This is the initial post in this blog describing our blended family of 9. Victoria and I each have 3 kids from our respective previous marriages, and we have added a baby together.

I'm not sure yet where this blog is headed, but follow along and you will find out along with me. It is sure to be an interesting ride.