Friday, March 28, 2008

Mix 97.1 DSW Shoegasm Haul

I had a wonderful time shopping BY MYSELF with a $200 gift card courtesy of Mix 97.1 Columbus. I bought Kevin a much needed new pair of dressy work shoes so he looks sharp going out to make the big bucks. Unfortunately, I got them 2 sizes too big but can exchange them in North Olmsted. I wanted to purchase "Ugg" like boots for Brooke but they were completely sold out. I was able to replace my Adidas Adissage slip ons. My old ones belong in the toxic waste dump. Also, bought a pair of trendy Rocket Dog Corderback tennis shoes and navy BareTraps dressy slip on sandals. Topped it off with a new black leather purse with chunky silver buckles from Nine West. AND I still have over $20 left to get the "Ugg" like boots when they return in the fall.

Not bad for a bunch of minced fish.

The radio station now has pictures of this event on their website! I've included one here so you don't have to browse through all 12 to find the fishstick lady!

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